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Etiqueta: DADDY´S HOME

Paul Anka – – R.C.A 100 Años De Música 2 Parte.

Put Your Head On My Shoulder = Tu Cabeza En Mi Hombro. Adam And Eve = Adan y Eva. Diana = Diana Recuérdame.Cinderella =Cenicienta. I’m Still Waiting Here For You.Crazy Love = Loco Amor. Daddy’s Home. Don’t Gamble With Love. It Doesn’t Matter Anymore. The Longest Day = El Dia Mas Largo. Don’t Ever Leave Me. Love Land. Summer’s Gone. You Sned Me = Mándame. Dance On Little Girl = Baila Muchachita.I Love You In The Same Old Day . Time To Cry = Tiempo de Llorar. Good Night My Love / Pleasant Dreams = Buenas Noches Mi Amor Sueños Felices.

Puppy Love = Amor Infantil. My Home Town = Mi Pueblo.Lonely Boy = Muchacho Triste y Solitario. I Love You, Baby = Te Amo Nena. You Are My Destiny = Tu Eres Mi Destino. Memphis Tennessee . Sincerely = Sinceramente. Starting All Over Again.Tonight My Love, Tonight = Esta Noche Mi Amor. I’ve Gotta Be Me = Tengo Que Ser Yo. This Is Love. Silhouettes = Siluetas. Listen To Your Heart. Don’t Ever Say Goodbye. For Once In My Life. Starmaker. My Way = A Mi Manera


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