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The 150 Original Moments – Voces Negras Eternal

Disco 1

Satisfaction.Rescue me. I´ll never stop loving you. The heat is on. Lay it down. Dancing in the street.Gold finger.I believe. Every beat of my heart.Tell mama.Where are you.Whatever lola wants. C’est la vie.I’ve made up my mind.Mad about the boy.Still.Groovin We mad it all.I wont say i will.Every body loves somebody.Fire.
Recovery. Every break you take.Doctor feel good. I like it. Stand by your Man. Dont Make me over. When i’m gone. In the my night hour. Something.. My heart to the junkman. Tell here you are mine. Steal awail. Sometime i am happy. Prelude to a Kiss. Respect. Sweet sensation. Reach out for me.Impossible Sould deep You last the sweetest boy. How do you say goodbye. Feeling unneasy. For all we know.

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