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Chet Atkins – The Essential –

Written on abril 21, 2024   By   in CHET ATKINS, THE ESSENTIAL


Guitar blues.Bug dance.Dizzy strings.Centipede boogie. Main street breakdown Root,hog or die.Jitterbug waltz.the third man theme.Black mountain rag.Country gentleman.City slicker.Mister sandman.The poor people of Paris.Big D. Trambone.Should we tell him.HIdden charm.Oh lonesome me.I´m forever blowing bubble.Slinkey


Boo boo stick beat.Hot mocking bird.The slop.Man of mistery. Wheels. Teen scene.Freigth train.Satan´s doll.Yakety axe.A taste of honey.Drive in. Get on with it.Cannonball rag.Take five.Is anything better than this.It´s been a long, long time.Polka dots and moonbeams. Poor boy blues.Sneaking around.Big foot.

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