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V.A – Saxophone Melodic.

Written on diciembre 13, 2021   By   in SAXOPHONE MELODIC


Johnny Guitar. Farewell. Don’t Smoke On The Bad. Do You Happy Now . Farewell Today .After Parting (Wakareta Atode) Even His Life. For Just A Lie (Uso Demo Ii Kara). Couple Boat. Bonds Of Love (Ai No Kizuna) Counting Song Of A Man And A Woman (Otoko To Onna No Kazoeuta). I Know Too Much.I hope I ( Watashi Inotte Masu). Experience (Keiken). Couple Boat Sissy. Blues Wharf.


Snifter. Uikent. Kyoto Koi. Today Farewell (Kyou De Owakare). The Deposit Life.Of Love Woman Blues. Pride Of A Woman. Sissy. Letter (Tegami) . Shinjuku Woman.Yurakucho de Aimasho. Nostalgia. Woman Blues Wharf. On The Bad. Sincerely Nagasaki


Mortar Mercy. One Trip Michinoku. Letter. One Rainy Night In Tokyo. Kyoto Doll (Kyoto No Koi). 06. Main Line Sea Sorrow.Woman Of Rumor. Keiko Dream Of Opening Night. Mercy. Sorrow. Love. Solenzara.Mischief Of Love (Ai No Itazura) Nail. Story Of A Man And A Woman. Woman Blues.


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